What are the mistakes in buying a tape measure?

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What are the mistakes in buying a tape measure?

1. The longer the tape measure, the better

No. When purchasing a tape measure, some consumers feel that purchasing a larger tape measure can be used once and for all. In fact, if you don't need to measure too long distances in daily life, you can choose the one below 5 meters. If the tape inside the long tape measure is not used frequently, it will easily lead to aging.
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2. Steel tape measure is better than fiber tape measure

No. Different tapes have basically different functions. In daily life, steel tapes are often used. When measuring the land or measuring the body measurements, fiber tapes are more convenient to use. The tape of the fiber tape measure is softer than that of the steel tape measure, and it will not hurt the hands during use, but the long fiber tape measure is basically operated by many people. When purchasing, predict the purpose of use after purchasing in advance, and then make a decision.

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