What are the classifications of tape measures?

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What are the classifications of tape measures?

The main type of tape measure is steel tape, followed by fiber tape, which is the tape that everyone often sees. Many people say it is a cloth ruler, and there is also a waist measurement ruler (tailor ruler/clothing ruler belong to this category). In the southern part of my country and Hong Kong, the tape measure is usually called a soft ruler or a pull ruler. The material is PVC plastic and glass fiber, which can prevent the tape from being stretched during use.


The leather tape measure is made of glass fiber and PVC plastic, and the alias is a fiber tape measure or a soft measure. It is usually metric and imperial, which is 150 cm on one side and 60 inches on the other side. Inch is a commonly used unit of measurement abroad, and the unit of measurement for TVs and monitors is inches. And the size of the jeans is in inches. In China, the commonly used measuring tape is the market inch. 150 cm on one side and 45 inches on the other. It is often said that a 2-foot-1 and 2-foot-2 waist are measured in city-inch units.

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Used for advertising and promotion purposes, it is divided into steel tape (steel tape) and leather tape (PVC plastic fiber tape), usually cute and small. Tape measures are also called measuring tools. Eighty-five percent of the world's tape measures are exported from China.

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