Maintenance, operation methods and precautions of measuring tools

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Maintenance, operation methods and precautions of measuring tools

1. Preparation before using measuring tools:

(1) Before starting the measurement, confirm whether the measuring tool is reset to zero.
(2) Check whether the measuring surface of the tool is corroded, worn or scratched.
(3) First, clean up the burrs, oil stains or slag chips on the measuring surface of the workpiece.
(4) Wipe clean with a clean soft cloth or dust-free paper.
(5) The record book needs to be checked regularly, and corrected again if necessary.
(6) Arrange the tools, measuring tools and instruments to be used in proper positions, not overlapping.
(7) Fragile measuring tools should be spread on the worktable with soft flannel or soft wiper paper.

2. Matters needing attention when using tools and measuring tools:

(1) The contact with the workpiece during measurement should be proper, and it should not be deflected. Avoid touching the measurement surface with your hands to protect the measuring tools.
(2) The measurement force should be appropriate. Excessive measurement pressure will cause measurement errors and easily damage the workload.
(3) The clamping method of the workpiece should be appropriate to avoid inaccurate measurement.
(4) Do not measure the rotating workpiece to avoid danger.
(5) Do not force the measuring tool into the workpiece or use it on the vise.
(6) Do not knock, throw or place tools and measuring tools randomly.
(7) The use of special measuring tools should follow certain methods and procedures.

3. Maintenance of measuring tools after use:

(1) After use, it should be cleaned.
(2) Coat the cleaned tools and measuring tools with anti-rust oil and store them in the cabinet.
(3) Disassembly, adjustment, modification and assembly shall be carried out by specialized management personnel, and shall not be carried out without authorization.
(4) Regularly check whether the performance of the storage tools and measuring tools is normal, and make maintenance records.
(5) Regular inspections should be made to verify whether the dimensions are qualified, as a basis for continued use or elimination, and a record of more inspection and maintenance should be made

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