Choosing a Gift Tape Measure

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Choosing a Gift Tape Measure

Making a personalized tape measure is easy - all you need are a few supplies and some creativity. A child's art project, a church craft, or a craft project are all great opportunities to make a unique gift tape measure for dad.

The length markings on a gift tape measure are usually marked in inches. The first large number is the inch mark, and the next smallest mark is 1/64th of an inch. There are also 1/32-inch marks after each foot marking. These are a great way to make sure you're getting the right length.

A quality tape measure is essential when choosing a gift. Look for a tape measure that is heavy, but will not break easily. Its long-lasting, hefty design is perfect for long-distance measurements, and it's comfortable to hold. Personalized tape measures come with a wood disc in the middle to help with holding it comfortably.

The length of a tape measure is important, so it's important to find one that is both durable and functional. Generally, a 25-foot tape will cover most of your measuring needs. However, you can find shorter and long tapes for different projects. Short tapes are best for smaller projects, measuring up to 12 feet, and long tapes are for large scale measuring.

A quality gift tape measure can be made of stainless steel, rubber, or plastic. A steel tape measure is economical, durable, and practical. Stainless steel tape measures are resistant to corrosion and work well in wet environments. However, they cost more than regular steel ones. You can also choose a tape measure made of fiberglass, which has excellent tensile strength, flexibility, and heat resistance.

Depending on the type of tape measure you purchase, it may come with a belt clip. A belt clip keeps the measuring tape near you at all times. A belt clip is an especially useful feature. It will allow you to hang the tape measure on a belt, so you can always have it within reach.

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