How to use tape measure correctly?

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How to use tape measure correctly?

How to use the steel tape measure: When measuring, the zero scale of the steel tape measure is aligned with the starting point of the measurement, and appropriate tension is applied to directly read the scale on the ruler corresponding to the end point of the measurement; when using the tape measure, the "0" point end should be used as the measurement reference. It is easy to read; when measuring items with the non-“0” point as the benchmark, pay special attention to the number at the beginning, otherwise it is easy to read errors when reading. In some parts where the steel tape measure cannot be used directly, you can use a steel ruler or a square ruler to align the zero scale with the measuring point, and the ruler body is consistent with the measuring direction. Use the tape measure to measure the distance to one end of the steel rule or square ruler and read directly .

1. Before measurement, check whether the certificate label of the steel tape is clear. Confirm whether the tape is within the validity period. The use of tape measures that are not within the validity period or whose identification is not clear is prohibited.

2. The starting end of the workpiece to be measured should be free of burrs to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.

3. There should be no rust and obvious spots or scratches on the surface of the ruler, and the lines should be very clear.

4. Check all parts of the tape measure. When pulling out and retracting the tape measure, it should be light, flexible and free from jamming; when braking, the button device of the tape measure should be able to effectively control the tape rewinding, and there should be no blocking failure.

5. The tape can only be rolled up and cannot be folded; when using the tape measure, do not pull out the tape measure too hard, but slowly pull it out, and let it return slowly after use; when you brake the tape measure, you should first press the system Press the button, and then slowly pull out the tape, press the brake button after use, the tape will automatically rewind; when the tape is automatically reeled, prevent the tape from hurting people.

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